Project fill my already overcrowded shelves with more books continues…

A few weeks ago I bought a few ”new” books. One of the books is Mysteriernas bok : kulturhist. framställning af alla tiders och folkslags hemliga samfund och ordnar by Otto Henne-am-Rhyn  (1828-1914), printed in Stockholm by Ulrik Fredriksson 1891. The English title is History of the Secret Doctrines and Mystic Rites of Ancient Religions and Medieval and Modern Secret Orders. The book was originally published in Switzerland. 

I’ll get back to you with some notes on the book.

This week I’ll be in Ostersund on Monday till Wednesday working on some reports and then I’ll go to Aix-en-Provence for some work and just a pinch of holiday. Unfortunately I won’t have time for museums or excursions and such while visiting as the schedule is tight, though I know we’ll visit a vineyard and some scenic spots so there might be some cultural history for the blog to present. The week after that it seems like I’m off to excavate part of a quartz quarry for about week, together with my fiancée. She’s also an archaeologist but we’ve seldom have had the chance to work together so we’ll look forward to this. I’ll get back to you with a few facts on the quarry excavation when I know more. 

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