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Yet another day in the field

The Skaftesfall survey continues, during our hunt for things ancient or at least old ones we found some of the woods own gold; Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius). Another fellow blogger and archaeologist, Martin Rundkvist, had some good luck searching for these a week ago, now it’s my turn.


Some farms are still in use as this one.

country house

On our way homewards we made a quick stop at Korsberga church; on the cemetery I saw this sepulchral monument made of wood and dated to the 1920’s. It made me think of, as currently work with identifying crofts and huts, that this might be one of few traces on the cemeteries of this population.

 tomb stone korsberga

At the cemetery is also a cross made in rock that is legend to be the spawn of the name Korsberga (Crossrock). If the cross is created by cracking or if it is created by human hand is debated, I am inclined to the latter, at least, it is been improved on.

 the cross in Korsberga

Magnus Reuterdahl


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