Skaftesfall in Korsberga parish

Then I am in Smaland again and up for some surveying around Skaftesfall some miles south of Vetlanda in Korsberga parish.

Klavreström 4

Our livings quarters is a few miles south of the working area in a small community called Klavrestrom; in a former Klavrestoms Works that opened in 1736. A lot of the buildings are still standing and a museum tells the tale of the works.

Klavreström 2

Klavreström 1

Klavreström 3

Today we did a drive through of the area and did survey one croft and some fossilized acres in its surroundings.

Today’s find (at least for me) was a nice elk cranium (yet another to the collection).

elk cranium

I also found this near buried car carcass, anyone wanna guess the model (or know what model it is)?

car wreck 1

car wreck 2

And on a small cairn in one of the acres I saw snake taking a nap.


Best wishes

Magnus Reuterdahl


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