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Summar vacation 2009 part 5; the grateful dead ed.

Ro (Rö) church, the oldest parts are from the 13th century, within the church are murals on the walls and on the roof from the 15th century, the latest addition the church is the choir, added in 1747. The church was restored in 1950-51.

 Rö church

Rö church 2

Notice the large buttresses, built during the 16th or 17th century due to a fire, on both the north and south walls of the church.

Rö church strävpelare

Roof and wall murals

 Rö church intriör

Rö church intriör 2

Rö church intriör 3

This one caught my eye it is an interesting mural with an unusual motive called the grateful dead. The mural a church with a high ring wall, outside of the wall are five knights and within the wall is one knight surrounded by the dead armed with farm tools. According to the medieval ledged the pious knight stops at the grave yard to pray for the dead every time he stops at one, when he gets in trouble the dead comes to his aid, in this case against the five persecuting knights. The motive can also be found in Yttergran and Roslagsbro churches. So now I know where to go on my excursion north of Stockholm.

 Rö church intriör 9

Wood sculptures

 Rö church intriör 5

Rö church intriör 7

Christ from 15th century and the cross ca 1950.

Rö church intriör 6

St Maria, 13th century, placed on the the left side of the cross in the choir.

Rö church intriör 4

St Erik, 15th century, right side of the cross in the choir

Rö church funt

The funt, ca 13th century

This is the third church within a rather small area with an odd bell tower, built 1806-1807, at Skedrid church it’s integrated to the gate building.   

 Rö church bell tower

Btw. still haven’t finished the Stockholm part of the vacation so there’s still a lot of pictures from Ostergotland, Smaland and Vastergotland to publish.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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