Summer vacation 2009 part 3

Still keeping it in Stockholm County we visited Frotuna (Frötuna) church. It’s a beautiful church that reveals several rebuilding phases seated by the shoreline of Kyrksjön (The Church lake).

Frötuna kyrka 1

The oldest parts are assumed to be from the 12th century, the choir was prolonged during the 13th century and the roof vaults are from the 15th century. The waiting room is of special interest as a chapel in it might be connected to Sten Sure senior.

Frötuna kyrka 2

Frötuna kyrka 3

Frötuna kyrka 4

Frötuna kyrka 5

The bell tower is the latest addition and is placed on a small hill a few hundred m from the church.

Frötuna kyrkas klocktorn

When we visited work with taring the roof was ongoing.

Frötuna kyrka tjära

The place name Frötuna is interesting as it predates Christianty in Scandinavia. Fro (Frö) is another name for the god Frej one of the gods in Scandinavian mythology, -tuna means farmyard so it means the farm of Frej or Frej’s farm.

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