A few finds


A few finds from Skepplanda 32. The majority of the finds are different kinds of flints;

 flint square arrow head and chip

A square flint arrow head and a small flint chip (ca 15 mm x 3 mm)

 flint knife

A flint knife

 flint scrape

A flint scrape

 flint chip

A flint chip

These are just a few of our finds, most finds are flints that are raw material, of bad quality, possibly waste material etc. The settlemnet and these findings are tentatively dated as about 5000 years old, we hope to find hearths or other foundations that can help us date the settlement with a better certainty.

If you happen to be in Sweden around Gothenburg you are welcome to visit our dig, we (Arkeologicentrum) have daily tours at 12.30 Monday to Friday (Information in Swedish on how to find us are availble in this pdf; Flygblad_Skepplanda_32, please contact me if you want this in English) july 2 – july 16th.

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