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Today I sent in a report to FMIS/Fornsok (The National Heritage Board´s database for archaeological sites and monuments) regarding ancient and other remains of historic value that we found during a survey in Vastra Gotlands county, Skallsjo parish, earlier this month with Arkeologicentrum.

In total we found 2 ancient remains and 20 remains of historic value. The remains are foundation remains of crofts and cottages and traces of their arable land in form of cairns from the fields, remains of coal mining, remains of a mill, old boundary markers etc. And now FMIS have been sent information concerning these, their position (GPS points and shapes), their size and what they are etc (a description).

Mayhap not the most exciting of remains but a few of them where very well preserved and have a high pedagogic value  in additon to the historic.

All in all 22 new entires to FMIS/Fornsok

Magnus Reuterdahl


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