Riseberga cloister and cloister church ruin

I visited Karlskoga last weekend and on Sunday we went by Riseberga cloister and cloister church ruin in Narke close to Orebro.


The monastery was founded in the end of the 11th or in the beginning of the 12th century. On the picture below is the west wall, the only one standing, of the church.


The cloister was a Cistercian convent for nuns and the cloister church was built during the 12th or possibly 13th century.


The church was ca 27 x 18 m (E-W) during the first phase of the cloister this church was preceded by a smaller church.


The ruins have been restored and conserved several times since the 1930’s til the latest in 2004. Some excavations has also been done which among other things have revealed a lot of graves within the cloister compound.


Riseberga is beautiful situated and a place we will return to soon, unluckily this day a theatre show was on at the nearby amphitheatre (built in 1937) which hindered us somewhat to explore the area, I recommend a visit.


Magnus Reuterdahl


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