Monday haze

Monday morning, it’s raining and I’m in doors doing reports. Well, I don’t miss working in the rain but sometimes it seems as one’s mind doesn’t really want to wake on Monday mornings and that’s bad when you need it.

A few thoughts on writing reports.

A tricky bit when you write a report is that you have to recollect memories, at best you’ve described them good enough but there’s always something you’ve missed or you realized that you should have done in another way.

Then there’s the language; it is easy to fall in to archaeological mumbu jumbo, it’s important to keep it short and easy to read for those who doesn’t have in depth knowledge in the subject. One has to aware of the reader or readers that one can assume will read it, in this case a company and possible the county administrative board.

Often one uses a previous report as a model and then changes the descriptions, the analysis, the tables, graphs, maps etc. This is a bit dangerous though as it is easy to miss bits and pieces of the old text which can make it a bit awkward.

Well, I know there’s nothing mind blowing about this but as I said it’s Monday. Back to the report manuscript…

Have nice Monday

Magnus Reuterdahl


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I am an archaeologist/Osteologist from Sweden. My main intrest lays in north Euorpean archaeology in, preferbly the prehistory of the late iron age and the neolithic periods. I've also got a strong intrest for Chinese archaeology, especially the neolithc Yangshao culture. I also write about cultural heritage and cultural history. Mitt namn är Magnus Reuterdahl, jag är arkeolog och osteolog och arbetar företrädesvis i Sverige även om jag gjort ett par vändor till Kina. På den här bloggen skriver jag om mitt yrke, om fornlämningar, kulturarv och kulturhistoria m m. View all posts by Magnus Reuterdahl

2 responses to “Monday haze

  • Margaret Griffin

    Hi there,
    I’m wondering if you could help me find a place to begin researching the name Boren that is associated with Lake Boren. It’s my mother’s name, whose family has been in the southern United States for three generations, but we’re very curious about the name’s Swedish origins. Do you know of a library near the lake that might have information on its history?
    Many thanks,
    Margaret Boren Hutton Griffin

    • Magnus Reuterdahl

      Hi Margret,

      If it is lake Boren near the city Motala in Ostergotland county then I got this for you;

      According to Svenskt ortnamnlexicon (the Swedish place name lexicon) the oldest written source on the name Boren is from 1336 ‘Borne‘ the interpretation is not 100% clear but could mean “the shining or lustrous”.

      As for libraries you can find them in most cities, for example Motala is close by, but if you are interested in genealogy Landsarkivet (the National Archives and the regional state archives of Sweden) in Vadstena might be the place for you and the database Sockenstatistiken (Parish statistics) which holds information on the parishes and congregations in Ostergotland between 1749 and 1959.

      Hope this was of some help

      Magnus Reuterdahl

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