Bricks and staves

skallsjö kyrka 1

As I worked in Skallsjo parish in Lerum I took the time to visit the ruins of Skallsjo old church. It is well cared for and situated on high flat surface.

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The oldest part of the church is from the 13th century, and then ca 10 x 18 m, in 1685 it was enlarged and ruins measures ca 24 m.

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The church was abandoned in 1863 when the new church was consecrated.

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In 1896 a decision to tear the then the decrepit church was taken, though obviously a lot still stands.

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In 1936 -37 the ruin was restored and some archaeological excavations were made.

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A nice stop.

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On the way home I made a stop at Hedareds stave church from the 16th century (dated through dendrocronologic testing), according to the info sign 1506. 


This is the last midlevel Stave church still standing in Sweden, in Sweden the middle ages ends in the 1520’s so it’s close to be a historic Stave church.

Stavkyrka 1

Unfortunately the church was locked so I couldn’t see the inside, but even so a nice stop.

Stavkyrka 2

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