Do RAA date back to 1398?

Welcome to a home baked conspiracy theory!

As I did research on a completely different matter I stumbled on an amazing discovery; RAA is a lot older than the offical records show. For you who don’t know what RAA is, it is a shortening for Riksantikvarieämbetet the Swedish National Heritage board.

As I by chance was looking in the book Svenskt ortnamnslexicon (Ed. Mats Wahlberg 2003). I encountered this reference In amne dicta RAA (In the river called RAA) 1398. Obviously this river is named after the Board which must have had had its original seat not in Stockholm but in Helsingborg.

According to official records RAA was founded 1630 may 20th and the first head of the National Heritage board was Johannes Bureus (1568-1652). As everyone can see there is a discrepancy between 1398 and 1630. As I see it there can only be one explanation this must be part of a conspiracy to cover up the actions taken during the first 232 years of service – why? Well I haven’t yet uncovered this but I’ll get back to you as soon it strikes me!

(In reality this particular Raa has no connection to the National Heritage board but is a name of a district in the city Helsingborg; Raa or as it is spelled nowadays Råå, named after the river Råå. I just couldn’t skip the chance of starting a conspiracy theory)

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