Some “new” books in the collection

I’ve got a few post not ready for posting yet; on the rune stones at Fresta church north of Stockholm and on the adventures in Skarlunda outside of Sodertalje. These will be posted during the week to come as I will work in Lerum some miles east of Gothenburg.

This weekend I’ve been attending a wedding and gotten a few hours in Jonkoping where I picked up a few books, some more fun than others, what do you think of these cool titles;

Clergyman and others. 1790. The biographical and martyrological dictionary: containing the lives, sufferings, and deaths, of the most eminent martyrs and confessors of Christ… By a clergyman and others. Newcastle upon Tyne: printed by M. Angus

 dic 1

A few illustrations;

dic 2

 dic 3

Cutter, Calvin, M. D. 1854. A treatise on anatomy, physiology, and hygiene: designed for the colleges, academies, and families. Published by Benjamin B. Mussey and Co. Boston, 466 sidor.


Waddilove (W.J.D.)1847. The Lamp in the Wilderness with Fragmenta Vetusta. An Examination of Symbols as applicable to History and explicable by Scripture. Hexham 1847


Among these I also got a few others, I’ll get back to them later. 

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