Skepplanda 230

The last week I’ve been participating in an excavation of an Neolithic settlement (Skepplanda 230) in Skepplanda parish near Skepplanda. The settlement was ca 35 x 20 m. In 2006 an archaeological investigation was carried out to determine the settlement size. At this time several search trenches were dug and 10 flints were found which were added to three finds of flint during the archaeological examination or survey earlier in 2006.

Skepplanda 230 3

The area was quite small and the previous finding quite scarce and so was our findings; a few hearths or cooking pit and some flints. But the weather was mostly good most and so was the company; but due to a bit of rain that came and went I didn’t bring my camera to site besides the first day.

Skepplanda 230 2

I’ll be going back to Skepplanda in the end of June for another excavation of yet another settlement, the coming week I’ll participate in an archaeological investigation in Sodertalje a few miles from Stockholm.

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