Involuntary radio silence

I’ve participating in a dig about 50 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden’s 2d largest city; I’ll come back to the dig at a later time. As I came to Gothenburg last Sunday I hadn’t expected that just 5 miles north thereof we would have no cell phone access which of course also meant no internet access, this relates to our living quarters. At the dig just north of Skepplanda during day time my phone worked but my internet connection only works from 19.00- 07.00 so this didn’t help me much. Well now I am sitting on the train to Stockholm and experiencing a bit of internet abstinence so I’ll update you on the dig later on – I have internet surfing to be done.

The dig concerned the settlement Skepplanda 230, a Neolithic settlement, but as I said more about that tomorrow or so. Next week I’ll work in Sodertalje a few miles south of Stockholm and a few days on a report. 

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