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The future of archaeology

I’m currently reading a new book; Arkeologisk framtid (Archaeological future) edited by Tore Artelius & Anna Källén. It is a collection of 13 essays based on the 2008 Swedish archaeologist meeting in Lund. The book is published by Svenska arkeologiska samfundet (The Swedish archaeological society).

arkeologins framtidThe essays are divided into three themes.

  1. 1. Future grand narratives
  2. 2. Future perspective – from where?
  3. 3. The role of the different archaeologies in the future

The book starts with the statement that the grand narratives time is over and that the regional and local instead have become the key. However the proclamation is a bit premature as it still is presented by geneticists, evolutionary scientists and others. So the editors asks the question if it is time for a comeback for the grand narratives, if this is something we want and how they will look like?

Personally, I am glad that we do not have Twitter archeology – prehistoric summarized in a few lines in a news headline from – though to some extent this is where have at present. How do we achieve with our results, knowledge and ideas to the public without being speculative or headline junkie. As they say publish or perish – if your not visible you don’t exist – and the grants equals zero.

Anyhow this seems like a good and interesting book. In Sweden it feels like the essays in themselves been a thing of the past especially within archaeology so this feels a bit fresh – as recycling is with the time – so maybe essays are a part of the future of archaeology!

Well I’ll get back to you with more thoughts on the individual essays.

Magnus Reuterdahl


I love my spotify

Spotify makes me rediscover a lot of bands I seem to have forgotten such as Accept!

Spotify playlist; I’ve would have wanted London leatherboys instead of Balls to the walls but that wasn’t available at Spotify so that goes in the youtube version insted

Though the title really is Breaking up away

Magnus Reuterdahl

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