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I got challenged by Asa M Larsson at Ting & Tankar (Blog in Swedish) to present 12 songs that mean something or that might say something about me, this challenge originates from another Swedish blog; the real Mymlan.

I’m beat, I don’t know how many song I’ve added and then replaced and I can’t say that this list in anyway represent anything else than some songs that stuck with me …

12 songs isn’t really all that much, when I was younger I worked at second hand record store. At the time I started I was 15 or 16 and a metal head but the constant access to music, all kinds of music formed a basis of a much wider musical taste, which might not be obvious by checking out this list. At a time my record collection was quite large including several thousand LP’s, EP’s, singles and Cd’s. Today it’s a lot smaller; a few hundred CDs and ca 100 LP’s and a few singles but I also have accessibility to music via Spotify etc.

I’ll begin where it all started; I wanted the best and I got the best, the hottest band in the land; KISS. The first album I bought was Best of solo albums and then I was captured by big hair, big guitars and hard rock. This song is not from that album but from Hotter than hell (1975) – Going blind, this version live from the 1996 unplugged sessions.

After a while Kiss felt a bit soft and other band became more important such as the grandfathers of doom, the Birmingham fab four; Black Sabbath here performing in Paris 1970; notice that the old geezer is young and fab – War Pigs

And yet heavier it would be. Slayer made Metallica seems soft; Raining blood (1986)

Though I liked the heavy stuff it wasn’t really good as background music in the store so I found bands like Nazareth that was heavy but a little more mellow – Please don’t judas me(1975)

…and another fav was/is Thin Lizzy here with – Dancing In The Moonlight (1977)

During the 80’s the guitar driven metal by such as Eddie van Halen, Stevie Vai & Yngwie Malmsteen rose to fame. When I first heard No parole from rock n’ roll -live sentence I was blown away; Alcatrazz (1984)- Hiroshima mon amour

But times change and new influences came via the lost boys, in the soundtrack by Echo & The Bunnymen but originally by the Doors – People are strange (Live)

The 60’s became a new fountain of finding great music; a few gems

Marianne Faithfull – Scarborough Fair

…and the Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes (Live)

During the late 80’s and 90’s I found more contemporary music such as Nirvana and Guns ‘n’ roses, but evil Elvis were way cooler and darker than them; Danzig – Blood And Tears (1992)

Another singer/songwriter with a dark streak is Nick Cave here w. P J Harvey in Henry Lee( live )

Now there’s lots and lots more I want to include on this list so I’m tempted to challenge myself on one of my other blogs but I guess that would be cheating… so I pass on the torch to; Alun Salt, Ulf Bodin, Erik Dardell, Claes Theliander, Pierre Petersson, Johan Normark och Micke Nordin or to anyone else who feels up to the challange!

At last number twelve; Konichiwa Bitches – Robyn


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8 responses to “12 songs

  • Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay

    Well done Magnus, and a nice insight into your wide musical taste. However, as a metal-head myself I have to object to one thing: the masterpiece of thrashmetal from 1986 by Slayer is called Reign in blood, and not Raining blood. I guess the fault is not yours, but anyway.


  • ArchAsa

    Great list!
    I also remember watching Lost Boys about a dozen times and listening to People Are Strange about 1200 times…

  • Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay

    Ooops, just realized that you were referring to the SONG and not the album, you were absolutely right. And I was too, the fault was not yours but mine.


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  • Micke

    Nu har jag svarat här, fasen vad svårt det var. Man kom ju ingenstans på tolv låtar 🙂

  • Magnus Reuterdahl


    I’ve got about 50 groups/artists and songs I couldn’t include; I mean how can I make a list without the Ramones, Motörhead, Pantera etc. etc.

    … well I’ll get back to ’em in time I guess but I allready looking for switches.


  • Magnus Reuterdahl

    Hej Micke!

    Det var snabbt jobbat, surfar över och tittar!


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