The Yangshao project year 6

The Yangshao project is the baby of me and fellow archaeologist Johan Klange. We been at  it since 2003 and during the process managed to go to China for two field trips, in 2006 and 2007, more on that here. Last year we had hoped to return and participate in an excavation at a Yangshao site, sad to say it didn’t happen as the intended dig was postponed.

painted pottery motive

Now it’s a new year and we started up again, we hope to go to China either as participants in an excavation at a Yangshao site or on a field trip. I’ll get back to the matter as I (we) know more.

painted pottery Banpo

What I do know is that I am meeting with Mr Giuliano Arnaldi super superintendent/curator of Tribaleglobale, Italy, this weekend in Stockholm. It shall be interesting as I am not 100 % sure of what they expect from us, though I’ve understood that Tribaleglobale is a form of art laboratory that do exhibits that mixes art from different periods and places. In this case the project is called “Neolitico Futuro” and it aims at, if I have understood it correctly, to bring together painted pottery from the Chinese Yangshao culture and Egyptian Naqada culture and modern art. For this they are interested to create a platform or build a network of archaeologists, artists, linguists etc.

More about Tribaleglobale and “Neolitico Futuro” can be found here.

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2 responses to “The Yangshao project year 6

  • Ellen Woodrow

    I am an artist living near San Francisco, and am extremely interested in the designs of the pottery excavated at the Banpo site. I have been looking through all the pictures I can find online, and now I am concerned because I have found a site where someone is selling what they say are authentic neolithic Banpo potteries, and they have the same designs. Is it legal for them to be selling ancient artifacts? This is the address of the site:
    I hope that someone can stop them from selling the historic artifacts to private collectors.
    I also have a question. Are the fish designs on this site from one ceramic piece, or is it an artist’s rendition of the different fish designs found in Banpo?

    • Magnus Reuterdahl

      It’s difficult to say if it is illegal or not, it depends on when the finds were unearthed and if they emanate from older collections but from an ethical standpoint they belong in museums, preferably Chinese museums. In these cases I’m always doubtful though as there are loads of counterfeits and replicas on the market, new and old.

      To your question, the ceramics displayed on the site are from different cultures and different periods a lot of the designs are used, with variations, over a very long time span (ca 2000 yrs) and a very large area. The motives of fish, fishers and fishing techniques (nets, boats, hooks etc) is a common theme, but most ceramics are not painted so they are rare compared to the complete material. I would guess that the material mentioned as Banpo ceramics, if it is authentic, are not from the site Banpo but from another site with Banpo style ceramics.

      Best wishes and happy holidays

      Magnus Reuterdahl

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