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These last few weeks I’ve been reading a lot since I’ve found a new favourite author; Ken Bruen, who by the way been very productive. It is nice when you find someone who speaks directly to you, who seems to know what you want to read but still manages to make every page an adventure.

Most of my favourite authors are long since dead and buried; I love the crime-noir authors like Cornell Woolrich and Raymond Chandler, the authors of the Beat generation, Ayn Rand and many others (many of whom are but obscure footnotes in literature). Ken Bruen combines much of the prementioned and he adds in his writings lots and lots of references to novels, short stories, authors, poets, songwriters and musicians. To this comes a unique voice and languish which is probably what intrigues me the most and that create a universe of its own. His stories are not light nor are they difficult; they are intelligent, warm, humorous and just a little blue but more than that they are human.

Of the books and authors mentioned in his books I’ve read some but most I’ve never heard of, though I am now interested in knowing more of. Some refrences are easier or at least quicker to find, among them Irish musician Johnny Duhan who has several songs on youtube. He is mentioned as a favourite to the fictional ex guardi (cop) Jack Taylor and do in some way describes at least part of the mode in Bruens books;

Johnny Duhan – Just another town

Why Galway on my mind? Check out Bruens books!

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4 responses to “Galway on my mind

  • declan

    Been meaning for a long time to see what Bruen’s all about – You’ve convinced me to go out right now and get a copy of one of his Galway based ones this minute.. Looking forward to reading his portrayal of my home City….

  • Magnus Reuterdahl

    Never been to Galway but have a vivid picture of parts of it in my mind from his books. From that I gather that I would kind of like it, at least parts of it.


  • declan

    Well, if you ever make it, give us a call and we’d be happy to show you some parts of the City…..

  • Magnus Reuterdahl


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