Day before Christmas

The Christmas vacation has been on for a few days and it’s been spent travelling, eating and shopping. I really don’t shop for Christmas gifts all that much, mostly a few small presents to my family and a little more for my nieces and nephews. But I do take time to buy some things for myself; mostly books and fine wines (see Aqua vitae blog in Swedish).

I usually use this time of the year to read some novels and this year I’d been recommended the Irish author Ken Bruen. I picked up the Killing of the tinkers; a hardboiled noir crime novel that begins with a Thin Lizzy reference (just lovin’ that).

I love the style this novel is written in, I love the authors languish and the dark moods that runs throughout the story; maybe not Christmassy but a damn good read.


A fellah I met on the Kilburn High Road had asked me if I was a social drinker. I’d said,

“No, what about yourself?”

“I’m a social security drinker.”

Now to books that has been incorporated in my library (me Christmas presents to self);

Beskrivning om swenska hemman och lägenheter (Accounts on Swedish homesteads and real estates) by Barthold Nystrom 1784. A book on the laws and regulations of homesteads and real estates in Sweden.


On the cover is proof of several of its owners..


and on the inside of the cover is the evidence of yet another previous owner; the ex libris of Gustaf Elgenstierna (1871-1948) (link in Swedish).

Next in line is Beskrifning av Örebro län (An account on Örebro County) by Wilhelm Tham 1849.


Then a nice little thing called Ett år i Sverige (A year in Sweden) – Taflor af Svenska Almogens klädedrägt och hemseder samt de för landet historia märkvärdigaste orter (Paintings/drawings of Swedish peasant costume and culture and important historic places), text by A Grafstom 1864 and drawings/paintings by J. G. Sandberg.


Illustration of Gripsholm castle from Ett år i Sverige.

I like ancient and historic maps and En krönika om kartor över Sverige (A chronicle of maps on Sweden) by Einar Bratt 1958 is a book about just that.


Finally I got this little almanac dating to the year 1780.


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