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Gammelstad (Old town) is a church village, more about the church and the church village can be found in previous posts here and here, dates back to the Middle Ages. Some of the oldest known parts of the village was placed where the open-air museum Hägnan (the fence) now resides or very nearby.


Within this area excavations have dated constructions to the 14th century and forth. It is believed that a chapel mentioned in texts from the 14th century that later on was turned into a church (1374), was situated in the near vicinity. According to the sources the vicarage was placed nearby the church and within Hägnan the vicarage was placed during the 16th century. In 1558 it was turned into a Kungsgård (a royal farmstead) and in 1563 turned back to be a vicarage again. There are also a couple of C14 datings to the 12th and the 10th century but I haven’t found out exactly were these were made, though probably within Hägnan.


Within the Open air museum are buildings that are in its original place as well as buildings that has been moved there later on. It visit gives a view into the Norrlandic farmsteads and its developments.


This village store is one of newer buildings; it was originally situated in Kalix and is from the early 19th century, then added to and rebuilt over time. Today a village store in style of the 1920’s is in place, it is open during tourist seasons.


A loft shed from the 18th century, at the time the buildings formed an inner farm square. When they became obsolete many were torned down and today only 8 are still left within Norrbotten.


An interesting feature is an open building, where one can study how the house skeleton and see construction details.

I recommend a visit if you are in the vicinity of Lulea, the church, the church village and the Open Air museum is a full days worth of cultural activity.

A view toward Gammelstad and Nederlulea church from the NW edges of Hägnan.

Link to Hägnan Open Air museum (In Swedish)

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