A weekend of no posts

No posts this weekend due to work on an application for a post-graduate study at the Archaeology institution, Stockholm University. It’s almost uncanny the way they always seem to coincide with the fact that I am working far away from home and my beloved (and in these situation much needed) books. Nevertheless I managed to produce something I hope is interesting and smart enough.

 I took a few breaks during the weekend and visited the nature reserve Storforsen (the grand rapids) and took a walk to Hägnan – an open air museum in Gammelstad. In Hägnan one can see, and when opened also enter, buildings from 18th and 19th century. The buildings are different kind of farm-buildings from different parts of Norrbotten and are arranged as different farmsteads. The environment is beautiful as are the buildings and I took a lot photos.

 I’ll post some pictures and little more info about these two excursions later on during the week.

 Magnus Reuterdahl

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