A trip to Boden

The last few days we’ve been working some miles northwest of Boden with an archaeological investigation of an area where some houses will be built. Close by the area we’ve walked through are several known hearths and an area with hunting pits. Hunting pits is one of the most common remains in the Norrlandic forests, more than 30000 are registered.

Can you see the pit (or rather the remain of the pit)? This pit was known since before and was found some km north of the area we looked into. This area is much more sandy and less filled with stones than the ones we looked into.


Here I have encircled it!

The most probable remains to be found are hearts and settlements. But the two area of interest in this case are filled with large boulders and stones which lessened the chance for these types of remains, and we true enough we didn’t find any remains of interest.


Though we didn’t find anything of archaeological interest the weather was great and as almost always the nature and the views are beautiful such as this small lake by which we ate lunch.


Magnus Reuterdahl


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