More info on the upcoming adventures in Norrbotten

Another day, another piece of the puzzle; as I wrote in yesterday’s post I will be going to Norrbotten to work. I got hold of a place to live just outside of Luleå in Gammelstad Church Town. Gammelstad Church Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1996. I guess that that promises at least one post on the church town in a near future.

I will work at Baas arkeologi (a part of Norrbottens museum) on an excavation some miles south of Kalix and I will work on a couple of archaeological prestudies; one close by Svappavaara and one close by Boden; all in all at least a month of archaeology. Good for me sad for my fiancée (she feels it’s a bit far away; ca 900 km from Stockholm, and there is a point there I know, but it’s only for a month).



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