Once again on my way to Norrbotten

It seems as I will be going north again, just like last year. Next week I will participate in a small excavation with Baas Arkeologi. Baas Arkeologi is a division at Norrbottens museum. BAAS stands for Buildings & settlement, Archaeology, Archives and Documentation of the contemporary (Samtidsbevakning). As some of you might remember I worked for some weeks up in Norrbotten last year and I feel good about returning.

This time we will excavate a hearth, possibly from the Iron Age. The hearth is found, if I understood it right on a stalotomt, the remains of a building connected to the Sami culture. This one is found some miles south of Kalix near the coastline, which makes it extra interesting as there is little previous knowledge of the coast bound ones.

The definition of a stalotomt is the remains of a building; it often has a reinforced floor and a surrounding constructed bank. These remains are found in the mountain areas, they are often oval or rectangular with arched walls, it is common to find a hearth in the middle of the construction and there is seldom any visible entrance. A stalotomt can be confused with a kåtatomt (the remains of a Lapp/Sami cot). The difference is the reinforced floor. RAA/FMIS

As I don’t have a good picture of a stalotomt I’ll link you to one; here.

I’ll get back to this subject as I get more information.

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  • Jeremy Azzopardi

    Thanks for your blog Magnus! Your work is very interesting, and your use and explanation of Swedish terms in an English (con)text is really very helpful!

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