Medieval cellars of Linköping.

As promised I’ll show posts some notes on the medieval cellars that I visited while I was working in Linköping. There are several medieval cellars that have been preserved to our days around the city, most of them in the area between the main square and the dome; I got to visit five of them.


As we approached the Dome the sky was darkend by lots and lots of birds.

The first cellar we visited is from the 13th century and situated under a more modern house, from the 18th or 19th century. The V-formed vaults are a nice touch. This cellar has been used as a food cellar at least until the first half the 20th century.

 On our way to the next cellar we made a short stop at the old Main Street, Storgatan, of which a part has been preserved for us to see. It probably is rather close to how the street looked in the 19th century or so. Medieval religious centres are also often early centres for higher education; this is also true for Linköping. A cathedral school in Linköping can be traced back to at least 1266 and is possible the first of its kind in Sweden. For a long time it was situated in this building at the main street.


The Cathedral school

There after we went to Linköpings castle which has one of the oldest cellars possibly from the 12th and the 13th century. On of the oldest parts is the well that is more than 12 meters deep while this roof is from the 15th century.


The Castle


The well

The interior

The 15th century roof

The cellar at Konsistoriehuset is from the 13th or 14th century is clothed in bricks which is unusual.


The cellar at Bishops mansion was restored in 2006 and has two rooms and is probably from the 14th century


The last cellar is the cellar at Domprostgården (Dean’s mansion) a bit smaller and has houseguests in the form of spiders; The European cave spider, Meta Menardi, a long-jawed orb-weaving spider in the Tetragnathidae family.

There is yet more to come from Linköping

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2 responses to “Medieval cellars of Linköping.

  • ArchAsa

    I would guess the cloud of birds were jackdaws (corvus monedula). They are unrivaled in their ability to create large ominous flocks of brids circircling church towers. We have a lot of them in Uppsala, and I love autumns when they create marvellously frightening and beautiful displays around the cathedral.

    You should have some good inspiration for a medieval thriller/mystery novel after these experiences…

  • Magnus Reuterdahl

    I belive you’re right regarding the bird spieces as well as the fact they are both frightening and beautiful as they come bashing through the air in large gangs.

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