A report from Linköping part 4

The sun has returned and makes us break sweat in the heat as the excavation continues. We’re in a bit of a hurry at moment, as often happens on exploration digs, so its full speed ahead. At the moment we’re digging our way through a floor to find the bottom layer and through this we hope to see what the different areas of the structures been used for, by studies of the finds and where they’ve been found.

Here we are four archaeologists working on a line, all four of us doing hard archaeology; Christer, Hanna, me and Lena.

Some recent finds;

A knife from the 16th or 17th century.



A mussel shell

This bone is part of the maxilla belonging to a dog. Most bones we find on this dig belongs to cattle, sheep or goat, pigs and can be categorized as leftovers. On occasion we’ve found bones like this one that doesn’t belong to that group.


A vertebrae from a cod shows that fish has been on the menu as well.

In a big posthole I’ve been excavating for a few days we’ve found the remains of a large post, ca 3 x 3 dm that has been stuck ca a meter down the earth. In the filling we’ve found several stones from older construction such as this.


The posthole is ca 3 meters x 1 meter large and ca one meter deep. We believe that the post has been the main post in this building and that there has been smaller post along the walls that has hold a roof of some sort over the structure. The brown stuff at the bottom is the remains of the post, we’ve secured a large portion of it for possible analysis but it is quite rotten and very frail.

I’ll summarize this week on Saturday. 


Magnus Reuterdahl

The excavation is being carried out by Östergötland County museum.

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