A report from Linköping part 2

The excavation continues under a burning hot sun which makes it a bit difficult for two reasons; the heat makes it hard to work and the soil dries up which makes it difficult to keep the different the layers apart.

In the southern end (the medieval part?) a lot has happened, in the beginning we believed that there were remains after two buildings, one of these is still considered to be a building while the other probably is part of a collapsed wall.










The formation we earlier believed to be the remains of a  building. In front of the structure is what we think is part of a clay floor.

As you can see on the picture below we have identified part of a wall that we believe is connected to a cellar found in the 60’s that might be of medieval origin.


Today we also started on the structures from the 17th or 18th century in the northern part of the shaft. This is the remains of an oven of some sort, among the finds in the top layer are pieces of glass, iron nails, some ceramics etc.


A more detailed report is planned for the weekend.

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