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The dig is on

On Thursday we started the excavation at Konserthusparken in Linköping, the excavation area is somewhere around 300 m2. The area can be dived into two parts; a southern and a northern area. In the northern area structures dating to the 17th or 18th century have been uncovered. The remains are sill stones and remains of cairns of the smelting oven. We believe that the smelting ovens have been used for iron smelting, glass manufacturing etc. These structures were probably somewhat temporary, perhaps in connection with the rebuilding of the nearby dome of Linköping in the early 18th century or the building of the “new” the Bishops mansion in the 17th and 18th century. In the southern area we have uncovered remains of a few walls that we believe can be of medieval decent. In the 60’s a cellar dating to middle ages was excavated just a few meters away and we hope that these walls my be connected to this cellar in some way.

The first few days we have been opening up some space around the structures found during the preliminary investigation/excavation and widening the excavation area. This has been done to be able to do measurements and to take photos of the structures. During this work we’ve found a lot of animal bones, mainly from pig and cattle but also from dog, hare and some birds, a lot of ceramic shards from the 17th -18th century, parts of clay pipes and a lot of handmade nails and such.

On Monday the real excavation work will begin.Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I don’t have any photos from last week , but I’ll be sure to bring it along this week.

The excavation is being done by Östergöland County museum.

Article in Lindköpings paper (in Swedish)

Magnus Reuterdahl


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