Rune stones and other scenic spots in Västergötland visited in 2005 part 2

At this trip I also visited two monumental prehistoric burial sites; Skalunda mound and Stenkullens cairn.

Skalunda hög, järnålder, västergötland

Skalunda mound is situated on a ridge in Kållands plains; it is one of largest mounds in Sweden with a diameter of 65 meters and measures 7 meters in height. It was investigated with the use of subsurface radar and an earth drill in 1994. The result gave evidence for a dating to the 8th century AD. It also showed that the mound held an inner cairn that has been over layered by several layers of turf.

Skalunda hög, järnålder, västergötland 

Next to mound is a circle of erect stones a so called domarring. These are normally dated to ca 400-550 AD in Västergötland. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a picture of this.

Skalunda hög, järnålder, västergötland

Stenkullens cairn is most probably from the Bronze Age (ca 1800-500 BC). Today it is ca 60 meters in diameter and measures ca 7 meter in height and is one of the largest in Sweden.

Stenkullens röse, bronsålder, västergötland

It has originally been larger than this but through out time stones has been taken from the cairn of the locals. In the middle of the cairn is most probably a stone cist where one or several people have been buried. By the cairn are other prehistoric remains of among others a prehistoric settlement, a sacrificial well and a medieval farmstead.

Stenkullens röse, bronsålder, västergötland

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