The exterior of the dome of Linköping and then some

In my last post I showed parts of the interior of the dome now to the exterior.

Linköpings domkyrka

The history of the dome of Linköping begins before the dome; it probably is predated by a small wooden church, maybe built during the 11th century. The first stone church was built during the first half the 12th century. The foundation of this church was excavated in 1915-1916. During the beginning of the 13th century the bishop Bengt (1220-36) started to make expansions. He built a new chancel as well as a transept nave. These parts are still a part of the dome as well as the altar. Since the church has been rebuilt, added to and renovated. A dome can be seen as a constant work in progress, though these days there are mostly renovations and changes of the interior design.

 Linköpings domkyrka

One interesting detail is the sundial, it can be found on one of the exterior pillars of the chancel.

Medeltida solur Linköpings domkyrka

It is dated to 1512 and one of the oldest in Sweden. As you can se in the photo below it is a square with lines and inscriptions to help the watcher to read the time.

 Medeltida solur lindköpings domkyrka

Just northwest of the dome is a reconstruction of a labyrinth, a.k.a. a trojaborg.

 linköpings domkyrka labyrint

Just southwest of the dome is Linköping castle. The oldest parts of the castle are dated to the 12th century and it is one of the oldest profane buildings in Sweden. The oldest parts are a small basement and a small two-storey house, both made out of limestone, they are dated to the first half of the 12th century (of which I have no pictures…).

Linköpings slott 3

Linköpings slott 1

Lindköpings slott 2


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