The grave field Ekornavallen

Our trip in Västergötland continued and our next stop on the way to Lake Horborga was the grave filed Ekornavallen.

Grave field, Västergötland, Prehistoric

Ekornvallen is a grave field with a very long continuity span, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The oldest graves are four passage tombs and a stone cist from the Neolithic Age, a great cairn from the Bronze Age, large stone settings, erect stones and stone circles from the Iron Age, besides this element from a fossilized landscape are visible on and around the grave field.

Passage tomb, Västergötland, Prehistoric grave field

Passage tomb

Prehistoric grave field, Västergötland

Overview from southeast, in the centre at the top lays the big cairn and to the left a passage tomb.

Ekornavallen, Prehistoric grave field, Västergötland

A filled round stone setting, 20-25 meter wide

Erect stones, västergötland, prehistoric grave field

Erect stones 

Ekornavallen, Västergötland, Prehistoric gravefield

Erect stone

The oldest graves are in other word ca 4-5000 years old and the youngest ca 1-2000 years old.

Spring is the absolute best time to do archeothingy-spotting. Just before nature really awakes the ancient monuments seem to pop up from the ground. All features gets so visable due to the fact that no new grass has begun to grow. At this grave field the caretakers helps visitors yet a bit by keeping the area and especially the remains that can be difficult to spot really tidy.

Read more about Ekornavallen at the National Heritage Boards webpage.

This grave field is really worth visiting.

Next stop VG 90 (A rune stone)!

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