Rune stone Vg 90

On our way home we made a quick stop at the rune stone Vg (Västergötland) 90 at Torestorp in Håkantorp parish.

Besides the runic inscription there is also the ornamentation, on this stone a cross. It is dated to the Viking Age. As you can see it isn’t all that easy to read it as it looks today. It is high time for the National Heritage Board or the County Administrative Board to repaint the runic inscription as well as make a new information sign.

When I visited the stone this sign produced by Falbygdens museum where at place. It has clearly seen better days and is only printed in Swedish.

The inscription is as follows

burþiR * sati * stin * þonsi * iftiR * h(i)–o * sun * sin * harþa * kuþan * trik

Translated into English:

Bróðir placed this stone in memory of <hi–o> his son, a very good valiant man.

One could be lead to believe that Bróðir should be translated to brother but it is more likely, in this case, that Bróðir is a name. At the end of the inscription it is stated that the stone is erected in memory of Bróðirs son.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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