The passage tombs of Karleby

The people buried in these graves during the Stone Age lived and farmed this land for a long time, ca 4500-5000 years ago.

In Sweden we know of ca 400 passage tombs, ca 66 % of these can be found here in Falbygden. Around Karleby there are 13 passage tombs. A passage tomb has a chamber and a passage way build by blocks of stone, and other blocks are placed as a roof.

One deduction is that the passage tombs show traces of an ideological expression of collectivism as in one of the graves more than 80 individuals have been identified. During excavations done 1989-1992 archaeologists found remains of settlements. These remains are postholes, artefacts, animal bones etc. The excavations have given evidence regarding domesticated animals such as cows, sheep and pigs and what crops were cultivated, such as wheat and barley. The archaeological records also show that the settlements and burial grounds were intentionally kept apart from each other.

At this particular spot three graves are lays within 100 meter from each other,they are easy to access as they lay between the farms near the passing road, several of them has information signs.


This one is called Ragnvalds kulle (the hill of Ragnvald).

My next post will be on the grave field Ekornavallen.

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