A trip to Västergötland 2008

Updated 2008-04-07. As I came home and looked at the pictures I found that they hold up for a few posts on this I stick to the cranes.

Tranor vid Hornborgasjön


Today I went on a trip to the lake Hornborga (Hornborgarsjön), every year thousands of cranes (Grus grus) gathers there, today it was approximately 12500. At lake hornborgarsjön they rest eat and dance for a week.

Tranor vid hornborgasjön

Cranes is known through out history, we can find it in Greek mythology, in Chinese mythology, with the Romans and the Celts as well as within Christian mythology. I never thought that much about them but it is a mighty sight looking out on 12500 of them; dancing singing and fighting.



On our way there we made a few stops, we saw some Atone Age graves, a prehistoric grave field, a rune stone and finally a manor house from the late 18th century, Gunillaberg. Gunillaberg is a manor house build in so called Karoliner-style, named after king Carl XII of Sweden soldiers, Karolinerna.



Magnus Reuterdahl


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