Excavation at Ottenby Kungsgård 2004

Here are a few pictures from the excavation at Ottenby Kungsgård (the royal manor Ottenby) 2004 and of a few of the finds.

These finds are dated to the Pitted ware culture, a late neolithic hunter-gatherer culture in Scandinavia, dated to ca 3200 BC- ca 2300 BC. Most sites are found along the coasts of Svealand, Götaland, Åland, north-eastern Denmark and southern Norway. The culture has been named after the ornamentation of its pottery.

The report on the excavation is available as an pdf-file here (in Swedish).

A few pictures of the excavtaion area. As you can see the weather was great, at least some of the days.


In this picture you can see the main area of the 2004 excavtions.

  This area is just south of the previous, here we dug a number of test pits in an attempt to locate the outer boundaries of the settlement.


This picture is taken from the south and shows the main excavation area, in the background are the stables belonging to the royal manor of Ottenby.

A few pictures of pitted ware pottery chards



A few pictures of seal bones

A seal femur


A seal tooth

Seal tooth

A seal mandible


Arcaeology is much more than just digging

Cows can be something of a nuisance as they are very curious.
 On the other hand sometimes one has to dig deep do to find the information one seeks, in this case ca 1,5 meter.
And at the end of the day the archaeologist picks his tools up and goes home.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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4 responses to “Excavation at Ottenby Kungsgård 2004

  • ArchAsa

    I am as of this very moment writing about Ottenby pitted-ware ceramics in the pottery chapter of my thesis. Seeing these wonderful pictures fills me with very conflicting emotions:

    1. It makes me happy to see such beautiful things.

    2. It makes me insanely jealous that you and not I took part in the excavations.

    ENTIRE seal jaw bones!!! Oh, for the love of Gejvall…

    What can I say: Pitted Ware Culture rules!

  • Ludde

    Well, what can I say… OF COURSE Pitted Ware culture rules on Öland, so far. On monday I will start a small excavation of a EN TRB site in Resmo, some 250 m from one of the megaliths… THAT will rule, too.

  • Magnus Reuterdahl

    There were lots of other bone-candy, such as a bone from a Gannet Sula Bassana (Havssula)… mm..

    I might just publish a few more pics of seal bones in a near future.

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    […] I’m south east bound – to Kalmar in Kalmar County on the Swedish south east coast where I will work at Kalmar läns museum (Kalmar County museum) from the end of April ’til September or longer. Kalmar county is part of Småland where I worked a lot in the past, foremost in Kronoberg County but also on a few jobs in Jönköping County where I was born and raised and some years back on Öland in Kalmar County. In 2004 I was part of an excavation team at Ottenby Kungsgård where we excavated an pitted ware culture site (ca 3300-2400 BC), see more on this here. […]

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