One week ‘til Christmas

Christmas is closing in and with that a few weeks of relaxation. I’ll be spending the holidays with my parents in Jönköping this year. To make sure the walls won’t be closing in to tight I brought my share of books to keep my occupied. As usual these last year the list constitutes fact oriented books. This year the theme will be effects on and the detritions and conservation of archaeological materials.Påverkan på arkeologiskt material i jord (The effects of soil on archaeological artifacts) – Anders G. Nord and Agneta Lagerlöf 2002.

Nedbrytning av arkeologiskt material i jord (Deterioration of archaeological material in soil) – Gunnel Friberg  [Ed.] 1994.

Bevarande av arkeologiskt järn efter utgrävning (Conservation of archaeological iron after an excavation) – Gunnel Friberg [Ed.] 1996.

Deterioration of archaeological material in soil- Results on bronze artifacts – Gunnel Friberg [Ed.] 1996.

I will also be reading a new book on Chinese and Swedish archaeology; Archaeology in the East and the West: Papers presented at the Sino-Sweden Archaeology Forum, Beijing in September 2005 edited by Anders Kaliff.


More info of the forum can be found on CASS webpage.


Magnus Reuterdahl


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