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During the last month and until the New Year I’m working at the County Administrative Board of Kronoberg, where I have worked on and off since 2005. This time around I am working on catching up, there are loads of decrees that needs to be sent. Most the of the decrees regards reforesting and are due to the storms Gudrun and Per that hit Sweden in 2005 and 2006.

The decrees I work with all regards reforesting in areas where there are ancient monuments and are designed to inform the landowner about the whereabouts of and the type of monuments that are on his land. They also inform the landowner of his or hers obligations. The decrees are designed to protect the monuments via different regulations, for example the County Administrative board does not allow soil scarification or does only allow a certain method of soil scarification on or in areas with ancient monuments, the County Administrative board does neither allow plantation on prehistoric graves or constructions. A problem though are certain types of remains such as fossilized acres, that are large spread and difficult to identify to the untrained eye. To make it easier to find the monuments we enclose a detailed map with the decree.


These kinds of damage are what we want to avoid or at least minimize!

Most of the applications regarding reforesting that I currently work on is more than a year old which at times makes me wonder how much good they will do. Hopefully it will stop some damages and it might enlighten some regarding the cultural heritage that is situated on their land. We know from experience that there are still a lot of areas that has not been reforested yet, so there is hope that at least some of my work will do some good.

For those of you that knows Swedish, the report I did on the restoration of ancient monuments due to the storms Gudrun and Per is available on-line as a pdf-file; Arkeologiska insatser i Kronobergs län efter stormen Gudrun – Återställning, dokumentation och besiktning.

Well back to work.

By the way don’t forget the Four Stone Hearth blogcarinval #29 at Remote central tomorrow!

Magnus Reuterdahl


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