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As reported in previous posts I am excavating a stone setting in Enhörna parish, just outside of SödertäljeThe first day of the dig has been good if one sees to the amount of work we’ve finished, more than half the work done. The weather Gods has not really been on our side but it could have been a lot worse, it’s been a bit cold and we’ve gotten a share of rain and snow. As we dig close by a junior level school we’ve had visitors coming and going all day long, with a lot a questions and thoughts. We’ll dig tomorrow as well and finish it all up.

As it seems right now we have nothing that proves that this is a grave, we’ve found no coal or ashes, no cremated bones, no ceramics and we’ve seen no structures. What we have found is rather large stones with sharp edges, ca 0,4-0,7 meter and very few other objects. And the objects we’ve found is quite recent, a crowbar, some shards of glass from a bottle etc.

There are no pictures today, but I’ll upload some tomorrow or on Sunday.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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