Excavation in Södertälje November 2007

A few pictures of the stone setting I will excavate the coming weekend. It is located a few miles NW of Södertälje and is heavily damaged. What is left it WNW part of the grave, if it is a grave.

Stone setting

Picture taken from N

We have used a probe to determine how deep the layer of earth is and if we could see any cultural residue, the earth is ca 10-15 cm deep and it seems very homogenous.

Stone setting 3

Picture from NW

Stone setting 4

Picture from S

Many of the stones that lie on or nearby the construction are probably a result of nearby constructions. They have sharp edges which resembles stones damaged by explosions. This added to the fact that ca 75 % of the construction is disturbed not only by this but from the fact that in must have been plundered of stones in an earlier stage. This makes it somewhat difficult to determine the original size and appearance of the construction. The picture from NE seems to indicate a square form, this might be an illusion as many of these stones are probably a later edition.

Stone setting 2

Picture taken from the NE

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