Bags of books and maybe a job

I am sorry to say that I’ve been a bit lazy on posting the last few weeks though it is my intention to better myself. Last Saturday I was at the sale held by the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters and named “Archaeobook blowout” by Martin Rundqvist at Aardvarchaeology.

And Good Golly Miss Molly did they have books, lots of titles on interesting sites, finds and research; Mainly on history, art history, architecture, archaeology, runes etc. I got my fair sheer; about 10 bags at the going rate 50 Swedish kronor (ca 5,5 €)/bag.

They opened the sale at 10.00 so me and my girl was there at approximately 09.30 and got a little shock, the queue was at least 75-100 meters long. When we got in it was easily 200 meters. An hour later when we got out, the queue was even longer. As we passed the queue with all our bags filled with books, very heavy bags, we saw a lot of friends and colleagues that shoot us long views of envy (and who said hallo).

I won’t bore you with all the titles, most in Swedish though a few in English and in German as well, but I got nearly two meters worth of books.

Hopefully I will be able to present one or two of them here as I have time to read ‘em.

In the nearest future I hope to participate in a small excavation of a stone setting from the Bronze Age or early Iron Age a bit south of Stockholm, in the vicinity of Södertälje. More about that when and if we get a green light, which we hope for sometime next week.

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