The death of a construction, A7 is now deconstructed.

Today at 1630 hours the construction known as A7 was declared a goner, the last fire cracked stone was weight in and the construction was no more. It will live on only on paper, photo, GIS-data, a report and finally in our minds.


All in all we were eight brave archaeologists that undertook the quest of excavating in Lantjärv and now it is all over, for this time.


It is with sadness I tomorrow leave Norrbotten as I have made a lot of new friends and have had a wonderful time here in Haparanda, but on the other hand I long for Stockholm and my fiancée, so in the end it is good to be going home and it will be great to be home again sometime tomorrow night.

I’ll end this post with a picture that I have promised in several posts, here is the Sangis-grave.


Last post from Norrbotten //Magnus Reuterdahl


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