Two more days and a mind boggling find

Since the rainy Monday the weather has improved and we have had a few days of sun. When we returned the trenches at area C was filled with water, this is now our Baywatch outpost.


As I wrote in my last post we found a construction that we hadn’t interpreted, until yesterday. Now we are pretty sure that it is some kind of living quarter. We hope that it is Iron Age as it in that case is the first one found in Norrbotten, but it could also be of a later date for example the possibility of a Sámi or Lapp cot. Today we have documented the construction; we have drawn a map, described it in text and photographed it. On Friday we will begin to descend through the floor, we hope that this will give us more detailed information of the construction and of how old it is; otherwise we will have to wait at the 14-C dating. There are several other possibilities, in this area a lot of activates are documented, among them military activities, forestry and hunting etc.


As you can see on the photo above there is an area in the middle that is a bit whiter/greyer than the surrounding earth, this we have interpreted as floor or possible a part of the floor. In this area we have found some coal that indicates a hearth that is similar to those found in cots. The coal could also be part of the construction for example the roof. The floor is dug down a little bit and this is not typical, or so I understand, of cots. The surrounding area is therefore a bit higher, this earth is a bit harder and we find a lot of fire cracked stones within it as well as small parcels of coal. The construction is oval in its form. If it is some kind of living quarter it is probably part of a temporary settlement, the construction could be something in the way of a cot or a bivouac. This is exacting, indeed, but for now we hold our horses, more info can be found on the Norrbottens museums official blogg (in Swedish).


Tomorrow we will go out on an excavation which should be very interesting; it is always good to learn how to read a landscape and its cultural remains. Norrbotten is in many ways very different from the southern and middle parts of Sweden so in some ways it as to start over again, exciting!

Magnus Reuterdahl


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