A new day, a new week!

Sometimes I truly hate Mondays, today was such a time. It’s been cold, hard winds and lots and lots of rain. We had quit early, which under the circumstance was quite OK. We got to a few ancient remains as well, two types of cocking pits. The round one which is normally dated to early Iron Age and a rectangular one that is normally dated to the Vendel- or Viking Age. I am not sure that this predication is really right for this part of Scandinavia as the finds are so different from areas further south and east. I am not sure what kind of nomenclature should best describe the phases, early and late Iron Age perhaps. Besides this we are currently excavating a possible construction, so far we are not sure of its function or if might be a natural formation, when we are more clear on the matter I’ll post some pictures and som info about it.

There are some odd remains that exists in the neighbourhood, for example the Sangis grave, Raa 81:1 in Nederkalix parish(mound). I haven’t visited it as yet but will do so sometime soon. This Viking Age mound is one of few known in Norrbotten; another is the Espinäera mound. These graves are in other words not typical for this area. It was excavated in 1923 and in 1939; among the finds is some bones, a sword and shield buckle, of the type normally found in the Mälardalen. A picture of the sword is available through SHM (The Museum of National Antiquities) here. The grave is dated to ca 800-1050 AD and the buried has been interpreted as a (northbound) Viking. Though the sword and shield buckle and the grave type indicates a Viking burial the burial rite is not the standard one; the individual was not cremated which is the standard burial of the time. This does not really say if the man is a Viking or not, there are several known skeletal burial from the Age but it should raise some questions. The mound itself is 8 meters in diameter and ca 0.5 meters high and is marked by a groove that circles the mound.

I’ll publish some pictures in a few days. 

On a good note we will go on an excavation this Thursday, possible to Finland and surely to some sites in Norrbotten. This will be a photo op and a possibility to share some monuments and remains from Norrbotten.

I sure hope this Monday does not set the standard for the week.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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