A presentation of settlement no 7


Fornlämning = ancient monument, ancient remains

As I looked through my postings since I arrived to Kalix and I’ve seemed to have missed a presentation of the site, so here it is. The settlement has been dated to ca 300 BC or a bit later. It seems like it has been used for a relatively short time, it might have been used while fishing or hunting for seals. At the time this area was an island in a prehistoric archipelago.

As you might notice on the pictures we don’t dig very deep, seldom more than 10 centimetres. Most finds and constructions are found just under the turf or some centimetres below, though some constructions are a lot deeper. This is due to a very low rate of dirt build up in these areas.

Welcome to the virtual tour of settlement 7.


Here we sieve the earth in our quest to find artefacts.

The site has been divided into three areas A-C.

Area A

Area A

This is perhaps the most interesting part of settlement, here we have discovered and excavated several constructions and made most of the finds.

An Iron age hearth

This is one of the constructions that we have excavated, it is some kind of hearth. The black striations below the stones are allocated hematite, looks beautiful doesn’t it?

Area B

Area B settlement 7

This area is a large space within which we have found a lot of fire cracked stones and a few finds but still nothing that feels conclusive, although we have a few ideas, so we’ll see if this might change till next week.

Area C

Area C settlement 7

This is perhaps the least interesting area at the moment, we have made some finds earlier in the excavation, but they are scarce.


This small area was excavated today by me and Ola; it turned out to be a big space of nothing but sand.

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