A better day than yesterday

Today everything went smoother than yesterday, the sun shone and there was no rain. Besides this we took a break to visit another ongoing excavation, settlement 39 (blogg in Swedish but there are a lot of nice pictures of finds) some kilometres east of ours.


Settlement 39 

But hold your horses, I’m not there yet. Firstly we stared today’s activities, for me that included the execution of a construction, it is no more, if you don’t count the GIS version and the description in my notebook. No more finds were registered but the total weight of the fire cracked stones, in total 13 kg. It has been discussed what purpose these constructions may have, one idea is that they are a form of construction for drying meat. The construction is described in this post.


In this camper we wine and dine or at least drink coffee and eat or food.

During our coffee and lunch breaks we discuss all kind of nonsense, archaeology or what ever else happens to pop up. Today someone mentioned a local tradition; What should a girl do if she makes contact with bear? She should according to old wisdom pull her skirt down and show her bottom and this embarrass the bear and make him run. Not all old wisdom is to be believed is it?

My lunch

My lunch!

We worked till lunch time and then we went to visit settlement 39. At this site the finds are more diverse and there are a lot more of them. The settlement is in many ways different from the one that I am digging. This site seems to be more complex and probably used for a longer time than settlement no 7 (offical blogg in Swedish for the settlemet where I dig), the oldest dating is from ca 600 BC and the youngest from ca 600 AD. Here are a lot of constructions in which cremated bones are found, they have found several types of ceramics with a composition that contains for example asbestos (info on asbestos ceramics in Swedish), minerals or other substances. They have also found Iron slag products and some really cool artefacts, see below. On the picture below is a large construction, ca one meter wide and a little deeper. The material contains charcoal and fire cracked stones.

Construction settlement 39

Other cool finds are a prehistoric chewing gum , a bronze broach and a socketed axe made out of iron and much more can be found on the official blogg (in Swedish). The photos linked are © Norrbottens museum.


A friend found this cool antler from a young reindeer, if you study it you can see bite marks from a carnivore on it.


I though I’d end this with a picture from what is my home in haparanda for the next month, on the other side of the water lays Finland.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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