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Between Kalix and Haparanda

I’ve been in Kalix/Haparanda for close to a week and haven’t been on-line once, that’s a first for a long time. As it turns out I’ve had access to the Internet all week but been missing a cable to connect, now that that problem is solved so I’ll be more active once again.

Since Monday I’ve been working for Norrbottens museum at a settlement excavation together with seven other archaeologists. The settlement is located near Lantjärv some kilometres east of Kalix and is known as settlement no 7, it is dated to the early Iron Age, ca 300 BC. The excavation started a few weeks before I arrived so some work had already been done, three areas had been identified (A-C) and the turf had been removed from these. The settlement was when active placed by the shoreline, the soil is very sandy so it is easy to dig.


A part of the settlement called area B.

Lantjärv 2

A part of the settlement called area A.

We have not made a lot of finds besides a few constructions, the constructions are small beds of fire cracked stones and a cocking pit, and a few pieces of ceramics and some quartz.


Picture of two prehistoric construction made up by fire cracked stone.

To my disappointment we haven’t found any bone, yet, but I am glad to inform you all that I popped my artefact virginity of this dig, yesterday I found some 20 fragments of quartz-


Picture of some pieces of quartz.

Otherwise the weather have great and the nature is beautiful, the other day I spotted a herd of reindeers (how cool isn‘t that?), I’ll try to get a photo the next time. We live in an apartment hotel in Haparanda a town on the Swedish/Finish boarder ca five miles east of Kalix. From here we can look into Finland.

I’ll be back with more soon.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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