North of the polar circle

On this world map the artic circle or the polar circle shows where I am bound.

For the coming five weeks I am employed by Norrbottens museum and will participate in an excavation of an Iron Age settlement. I am not sure what access, or rather how often I will have access, to the internet so my posting might be a little set off for the coming weeks. I hope that will be able to upload some pictures and reports on our findings. More info is available on the museums blogg although this only available in Swedish. There has been some interesting fins up there the last week, they are excavating several sites from the Bronze- and Iron Age simultaneously, for example a prehistoric chewing gum, some metal artefacts, cremated bones and a socketed axe of iron.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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I am an archaeologist/Osteologist from Sweden. My main intrest lays in north Euorpean archaeology in, preferbly the prehistory of the late iron age and the neolithic periods. I've also got a strong intrest for Chinese archaeology, especially the neolithc Yangshao culture. I also write about cultural heritage and cultural history. Mitt namn är Magnus Reuterdahl, jag är arkeolog och osteolog och arbetar företrädesvis i Sverige även om jag gjort ett par vändor till Kina. På den här bloggen skriver jag om mitt yrke, om fornlämningar, kulturarv och kulturhistoria m m. View all posts by Magnus Reuterdahl

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