Nisse the smith’s rune stone (sm 170)

 In a public park called Skansen in Ljungby Nisse the smith’s rune stone stands. The name comes from the fact that it was found when Nisse the smith’s cottage was demolished in 1954. The cottage was built in 1861 and some of the material in the cottage was from the old (the medieval) church in Ljungby, the rune stone probably came from there.

The inscription is not complete, as the stone is not, but it is as follows:

* uefus * s(a)ti * stin * ef… … …biurk * þiRa * sustur …–…

In translation to English:

“Véfúss placed the stone in memory of … …-bjôrg, their sister … “

1 Raa 47:1

Raa 57:1 in Ljungby parish (Ljungby 57:1), Kronobergs County, Småland.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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