A mix of different pasts

There are different kinds of ancient remains, a few months ago I was in Slätthög parish in Alvesta municipality to check out a stone setting, raa 83:1, and a mile stone raa 82:1. To my surprise I found an additional relic:

One (Iron Age), Two (19th century), Three (20th century )…

Here’s the car or what’s left of it.

Car wreck at Slätthög

Car wreck at Slätthög 2

I am sorry to say that I can seem to only find the pictures of the car wreck at the moment and not the truly ancient relics. Though I would say that this car falls within the definition of a remain after human activity from ancient times that has originated due to older manners and customs and are lastingly abandoned, see this post. I’ll update this post with pictures as soon as I locate the cd/dvd-rom that contains those pictures.

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