A lewd place name!

Just as the people living in Arkland (A swedish blog) I in my work have traveled a lot, as you travel around your bound to find place names that are fun, unintelligible, stupid or lewd. Arkland found the name: Snorrslida. Which could be interpret as snorr(e)[willie] slida-[vagina]. Another interpretation is the “backdoor”, besides these there are probably a more professional interpretation as well. I feel that I found another place name that is more lewd than Arklands though: Horkoneryd.

Horkonaryd can be found in the southeast part of Tingsryd municipality, Kronobergs County. 


I’m sorry to say that this is the best sign I could find, the sign above states a road name which is connected with the place name. Today Horkoneryd is made up by a barn (webpage in Swedish), where different activities of an adventurous sort are being played out, though nothing smut; according to the webpage they host residential courses, conferences, parties etc.

The place name Horkoneryd can be parted into three words Horkone– -ryd.

Hor (a)-whore or whoring

Kone(a)- an older word for woman, still in use in danish.

-ryd is a common word in place name, one interpretation is: a place that has been cleard of forrest.

So this name could be interpret as: The place that has been cleared for women that are whores/whoring, a bit indecent isn’t it. There are probably other interpretations (see Ortnamnsregistret “the Swedish Place name archive” ), but I like mine.

You’ll only have as much fun as you allow yourself…

 Magnus Reuterdahl

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